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Currently I am working for an MSP and am very happy, it is a very small company and the owner has made it a family like work environment which has definitely grown on me. But I have about 4-5 year experience current position as a IT engineer and have always tried my best to see what the market has as far as demand and pay are concerned. This being said I have a few questions for anyone that can help or have any advice. I am currently attending school full time at a good local university with great connections to many fortune 500 companies and am looking to finish in about one years time which will give me over 5 years work experience and MSP experience. My plan is to complete my schooling and then hit the market hard for a cyber-security/IT engineering position(NYC area) but my problem is i don't not want my current company to feel like I was only a time pass for them while I finished school, Ive always been of the mindset to better myself salary and job experience wise and this company has welcomed me with open arms and has treated me great and I do not want to leave them hanging right after I finish up school. I have been with them about one year and it'll be almost 2 years by the time I am done with my degree.

Any help or suggestion or advice would be great with this.

Also quick side note, I am currently looking to take Cisco and Microsoft certifications and would like to know REAL LIFE translation of obtaining certifications versus just years of exp, any first person experiences would also be appreciated(salary, work life balance, career outlook, job security etc) Also not closed to those two, any certifications and your experiences after obtaining them would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!


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  • Avanade TC or ..
    Don't overthink. 2 years with a company is not timepass. Big companies mean big challenges that will take your skillset to the next level.

    Since you are IT infrastructure, get AWS or Azure certs. Atleast the fundamental ones to stand out in those interviews.
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  • Accenture Warreagle
    AWS certs, zero to hero in no time
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