In case you missed it: Blind has a salary comparison tool now!

Microsoft 🧂salty🧂
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While bored and looking through the app I noticed the profile page has a new “Salary Comparison” node. I filled out the info and was pleasantly surprised to see sane looking data (at least if you throw away the absolutely silly outliers, or maybe people really are making between 18K-1MM as SDEs at Microsoft).

The tool currently doesn’t let you compre by specific level or YOE, though. Since its anynomyous, I presume they need more data before breaking out that level of granularity. Hopefully soon we’ll have a redundant data source to verify Levels.FYI numbers against.


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  • Amazon / Eng SmkWdEvyDy
    It's definitely gotten better since release with regards to outliers. Now I'm at like the 20th percentile instead of the 2nd. And I'm poor so that's probably accurate.
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    Real time salary information from verified employees