Indian home made snacks in Bay Area?

Robert Half whteva
Jan 19 11 Comments

Do you know of anyone who makes fresh and tasty indian snacks in bay area? please share contact information if you do. thanks.


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TOP 11 Comments
  • VMware BobbleHat
    Take a left or right on el Camino in Sunnyvale. Stop at a house.
    Jan 190
  • Microsoft csum87
    Are you serious?
    Jan 194
    • Robert Half whteva
      u bet
      Jan 19
    • New ktFx33
      Why? Imagine having favorite food(s) and not being able to get them made authentically. I’ve been suffering this problem for 13 years
      Jan 19
    • PayPal Sey
      ^Why don’t you cook yourself ?
      Jan 19
    • New ktFx33
      Can’t get the ingredients here the same way. It’s like Guiness tastes different in Ireland because the ingredients are sourced from somewhere else. In my case I’d need special meat etc only the street vendors in Berlin know how to make it
      Jan 19
  • New / Engabuhr3i
    Viks Chaat in Berkeley is very good.
    Jan 190
  • Microsoft UMbR31
    Unclear what you're looking for... Doesnt every single Indian store have this?
    Jan 190
  • Intuit dumb@ss
    Milan on Abel Road in Milpitas
    Jan 190
  • New / OtherAuntHilda
    Ask your Indian grocery store.
    Jan 190
  • Glassdoor xhendidvbe
    Fremont lovely sweets
    Jan 190

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