Initial training - New Hire AWS

New mutt
Oct 21, 2018 4 Comments

How much time after the start date is the initial training with other engineers and for how long?

If this would be in a different location (aka - fly to Seattle, Texas); do you think 2 weeks after, sounds reasonable?

Trying to figure out how much time a new relocated employee would have for finishing finding a place or moving stuff before running into tasks. No global assistance.

It's for a TAM.


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  • Amazon 2423
    Lol what? Two weeks? You get two days of training and then they ship you back home to start work.

    You're expected to ramp up independently with your team providing you limited support ramping on the team's tooling.

    If you're joining as an industry hire you are expected to begin contributing by the end of your first month

    With that said, everyone is aware new hires generally need to find a place to live/get set up etc and wouldn't begrudge them personal time to get things set up. Of course generally people move before their start date but things happen.
    Oct 21, 2018 3
    • New mutt
      Thanks for your input.

      Not referring to how long the training will be, but how many days after the start-date this training begins?
      Oct 21, 2018
    • You have 2 days orientation normally right on and after your start date. Then you’ll take an onboarding process provided by your team. If you are SDE2 I would expect you to start working on some non trivial tasks by the end of your second week.
      Oct 21, 2018
    • Amazon zhUshxua
      The onboarding expectations here are pretty crazy. Expect to be significantly contributing within the first week. For better or worse
      Oct 22, 2018