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Microsoft svIO70
May 13 3 Comments

I have a friend who is absolutely driving me nuts for tech support because her Instagram got disabled, I've walked her through the process of sending in her ID to the support page, but it's been a few days and no word back yet. Can anyone help a brother out and let me know how to get this case escalated/resolved soon for my own sanity. Is there a specific team/person I can email? I promise I won't publicise any emails I really just can't deal with the constant whining else I wouldn't have reached out to blind.
Edit: I don't work in tech support, I meant providing basic support for what to do to a friend simply because I happen to have a job related to tech. Its like your aunt calling you when she can't post a picture to Facebook and needs to know what to do asap.


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    Do you work in tech support?
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    • Microsoft svIO70
      Sorry, I should have been clearer. I'm providing 'tech support' to the extent of walking them through the normal steps of what to do just because I happen to work as a software engineer, so I'm the de facto person to call in the family/friend circle for asinine issues. I don't actually work for fb/insta tech support
      May 13