Insurance and changing jobs

Apple vzdq12
Aug 19 9 Comments

Hey guys I am in little dilemma here. I currently have a very good insurance coverage through Apple. My son has a chronic condition and he is currently undergoing his treatment. Due to the excellent insurance coverage I am hesitant to change jobs as I don’t know how insurance coverage will work when I change jobs. (I want to change my current job and I have had many recruiters reach out to me - but I haven’t taken it forward as I am confused on how insurance is going to work) Any suggestions how I should approach my situation? I am looking to downsize and I am interested in switching to small / medium sized companies. Thanks!


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  • Akamai Technologies uJOJ42
    Not sure about pre existing illness, but old employer’s instance is valid till end of the month, since you paid for it already,
    New employers insurance is supposed to be valid from the first day of employment, in case of pregnancy, i now it’s gets covered by new employer insurance as well
    Aug 20 2
    • Yum! Brands X.O.X.O
      New insurance is not valid from first day of employment though. For most companies, it kicks in after 30, 60 or 90 days.
      Aug 20
    • EATON


      Depends on the company for sure. My employer starts you on your first day, though. I don’t think I’d take a job somewhere that didn’t start insurance coverage right away. You can look into COBRA to cover you for the short term gap, though
      Aug 20
  • Apple / Eng cho Chang
    Most companies have better (at least cheaper for the employee) insurance than Apple.
    Aug 19 1
    • Amazon spiderr
      Cheaper != better
      Aug 19
  • Apple vzdq12
    My son has already gone through multiple surgeries in the last few months which haven’t been processed by the hospital yet. Can someone help me understand what happens with these bills - will these be processed by the new insurance assuming I get a new job before these charges are processed by the hospital - although technically I had my old Apple insurance when the surgeries actually happened? Apologies if this is sounding too tactical but I am genuinely concerned! And I am kind of desperate to leave my current job too :(
    Aug 20 2
    • It goes by service date. Whatever insurance you had at that time covers it. Keep all the bills.

      One negative in switching I can think of is the out of pocket maximum. If you continue with the existing one, chance are you already reached the max and don’t have to pay a dime for any future. If you switch insurance, it resets.
      Aug 20
    • Apple vzdq12
      Thank you so much. This is really helpful.
      Aug 20
  • Apple vzdq12
    Do you know how/if changing insurance will affect the treatment?
    Aug 19 0


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