Interview experience at Cruise

Oct 22 9 Comments

anyone recently interviewed at Cruise for simulation roles? Wanted to know how tough are the coding rounds and the overall experience...


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  • Dropbox / Eng bigbeans
    They took our old building :/ Therefore it is a good building at least.
    Oct 23 4
    • Cruise Automation tallbean
      Hows your new building?
      Oct 23
    • Dropbox / Eng bigbeans
      Everyone hates the new building 🤷‍♂️
      Oct 23
    • Cruise Automation tallbean
      Super stoked to move into your old building :)
      Oct 23
    • Cruise Automation jiraticket
      Agreed, 333 seems dope, thanks for the space!
      Oct 24
  • Cruise Automation realmary
    What is dead may never die...
    Oct 24 0
  • MathWorks Tings!
    Hey, can you provide more information about how your interview went for simulation roles? And how was the interview?
    Yesterday 0
  • Tesla amigoz
    Why not apply at Tesla for autopilot sim team?
    I can get you a referral if interested.
    Oct 24 0
  • Daimler merkletree
    I interviewed with them but not for sim, sorry!
    Oct 23 0


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