Interview questions for DevOps / Site Reliability roles

Amazon Rockr
Feb 23 3 Comments

Have 7+ YOE in DevOps/support engineering and looking for change.

Have being doing phone interviews at companies like Lyft/Jet/Microsoft for DevOps/SRE roles and questions are basically a single coding exercise involving algorithms/data structures. There are no other questions asked on areas like troubleshooting, scripting to give candidate a chance. Not sure why the focus in phone screen is only on coding/algorithms for roles where programming is up to 40-50% of time.

At Amazon we ask multiple questions in phone screen which test troubleshooting, scripting, SQL, basic coding exercise for DevOps/support engineer roles. For in-person interviews we go a little deeper but focus is never into pure software engineering.

Wanting to know if this is the current trend in industry. How to prepare for such interviews?

Are there companies where interview process is not heavily focused on coding/software engineering?


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  • Amazon Rockr
    My opinion is that companies should not be using a single question based on SW engineering in phone screen to filter candidates who don’t necessarily work on these tasks on a regular basis
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  • Tableau thepete
    Just an opinion but I think it has a lot to do with where the disciplines came from. SRE out of Google who tend to interview algorithm heavy and DevOps out of Gene Kim’s work around CI/CD pipelines and building bridges between IT and Dev. There was some confusion for awhile but the tech industry seems to be settling on SRE being a dev who does infrastructure and DevOps being a System Admin who writes more than scripts.
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  • YokarnyBby
    In our case, we ask both coding, system design and troubleshooting. To get hired you need to good enough on all of them, or really good at least one.
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