Is Facebook not hiring people with H1Bs?

Microsoft gflgl
Jun 3 8 Comments

Today I had an external recruiter reaching out to me regarding a potential opportunity in the "world's largest social media company".

We scheduled a call for tomorrow and then finally during our conversation she asked about my visa status. I told her I got my H1B picked in lottery this year and they have to file a transfer, she said we don't do H1B transfer or sponsorship, apologized and canceled our call.

It sounds absurd Fb doesn't sponsor H1B but I don't know about recent developments at Fb. Can someone from Fb comment? Is the recruiter bullshitting?


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Credit Karma wjskc
    Sounds like a contractor role for FB maybe?
    Jun 3 0
  • Apple VKjg08
    Don’t think FB uses external recruiters.
    Jun 3 0
  • New / Eng cousin
    Currently going through FB process. Told them about H1B from the beginning and they had no issues. Either not FB or external contractor hiring to work with FB. Either way you probably didn’t miss out on anything.
    Jun 3 0
  • Apple imaj
    Well, did this recruiter say who would your employer be? It could be for a contracting role with Facebook’s prime vendor.
    The next time a recruiter reaches out to you, ask for two things. 1. Who’d be your employer 2. Is it a full time role with all benefits?
    Jun 3 0
  • Google yhhd18
    Could be WeChat?
    Jun 3 0
  • EY / Consultant

    EY Consultant

    Dimension Data, Unisys
    Just had a call recently with a fb recruiter and they had no issues about h1b
    Jun 3 0
  • NetApp gsw2019
    Looks like this may be contract role..
    Jun 3 0
  • Nvidia <script><
    Maybe it's for the best, they won't need to lay them off post bankruptcy hearings
    Jun 3 0