Is Leetcode the only key to being a good software engineer?

Alation tempuser4
Jul 12 18 Comments

Or getting a good software engineering job?

If my goal is to get a job at big companies then am I just stuck.with Leetcode and avoid learning new tech?


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  • Oracle not_larry
    Being a good software engineer: No
    Getting a good software engineering job: Yes
    Jul 12 2
    • PwC / Eng

      PwC Eng

      Full Stack Developer.
      Disagree. I currently make over $140,000/year remote only one year into my career and I wasn't asked a whiteboarding/leetcode question during the interview process.

      For reference, I'm a front end developer that specializes in React.
      Jul 12
    • Amazon / Eng batou
      high pay!=good sde job. for junior, a good sde job is where you learn from peers and senior.
      Jul 13
  • LinkedIn ex-fb
    If you’re really a good programmer, good enough to get a decent rank in top coder or Google code jam, you can crack FANG interviews without leetcode.
    Jul 12 5
    • Alation tempuser4
      Don't these online judges also fall in the LC category? Just with n times more complex problems?
      Jul 12
    • LinkedIn ex-fb
      You can’t memorise solutions and get a good rank on Google code jam as you can on leetcode/job interview.

      Again, if you don’t do well in google code jam. It means you probably are not a great programmer. So it would help you to work on programming.
      Jul 12
    • Alation tempuser4
      That makes sense.
      Jul 12
    • Amazon Oh Hi Mark
      Your definition of a great programmer seems to be how well someone can solve programming challenges. Does this actually translate to on the job performance?
      Jul 12
    • LinkedIn ex-fb
      Not necessarily...often does.
      But I’m talking of coding skills, not job peer.
      Jul 12
  • Oath ueueueueu
    It helps get a job but doesn’t make you a good engineer. Most jobs you’ll almost never solve LC like problems, at least very infrequently
    Jul 12 0
  • Oath ueueueueu
    Judging by these responses, have to ask the question then why are Leetcode style problems used as a good way to judge who to hire?
    Jul 12 1
    • Microsoft magic8
      The answer to that is, do you have a better way to do it that scales to thousands of applicants?
      Jul 12
  • Akamai Technologies Libtard
    Job Yes. Good software engineer No.
    Jul 12 0
  • Google memer
    The only key?
    I can speak for Google, not sure if that qualifies your good swe job criteria.

    I am sure out of the 1000 Google engineers that join every month, there would be at least 1 who has not used leetcode. This data is purely anecdotal, though.

    So the implication of that data is that it is not the _only_ key. Fwiw, i also did not use it for my interview prep in 2015.
    Jul 12 1
    • VMware ynQz62
      How did you prep then? EPI or previous competitive programming experience?
      Jul 12
  • NetApp HFop70
    Jul 12 0
  • Google / Eng
    “If my goal is to get a job at big companies then am I just stuck.with Leetcode and avoid learning new tech?”

    False dichotomy. Why not both?
    Jul 12 0


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