Is VPN a necessity now, rather than just a "to be on safer side" thing?

Microsoft xCxCx
Aug 22 5 Comments

I would like to hear why people chose VPN on devices. If I do chose VPN and have Gmail/ Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter, does it defeats the purpose.
Obviously for Torrents and peer to peer it matter but other than that I am not able to see real value in having every search or website opened via VPN.


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  • Goldman Sachs RGB89
    Mostly pointless, VPN companies just did good marketing
    Aug 22 0
  • New / Eng tralang
    1. China
    2. Piracy
    3. NSFW@W
    Aug 23 0
    Баба Яга

    Баба Ягаmore
    It matters for those living in China
    Aug 23 0
  • Facebook focobeak
    Cyber police will trace you down! Consequences will never be the same!
    Aug 23 0
  • Charter dwayneWayn
    Aug 22 0