Is it tougher now to get a job as an experienced dev?

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So to start things off, I've been doing web dev for 4 years now at the same company. Began with pure front-end using AngularJS, mostly was just pigeonholed but grew to like FE. After a couple years of working on the same team, things slowed down considerably, management changed, people started leaving and I no longer learned anything and coasted. Not going to lie, I relaxed for a bit and enjoyed myself while trying to start things on the side. Once shit hit the fan in my old team, that's when I tried switching companies but found myself not up to par as I failed all of my onsite interviews (Google and some more established startups in NYC). So then I decided to try to make a change internally and switched to a revenue-producing team so at least I could learn - and I did, still do every day. So far in the last few months I learned more than I did in the past 2-3 years: React, Spring Boot, even dabbling with some infrastructure tools like Terraform, Ansible, AWS. It's all cool but it's just... overwhelming how much stuff one needs to be proficient in on top of being an algorithm god to stay competitive in this industry. Does it get any easier? Am I just stuck in a bubble where everyone knows everything and can easily pick up new things just like that? How do you become good at any of these tools/frameworks?

Right now I'm trying to learn as much as possible and starting to think about switching companies within a year to improve my compensation and I'm already dreading the interview process where I'm going to need to demonstrate my DS&A abilities on top of all this stuff I'm learning now. How do I even study for the interviews now? It just feels like I'm climbing a mountain here and not enjoying what I do because it's so stressful.


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  • Microsoft


    To have continued success in this field, you will need to constantly be learning new things.

    All software is evolving, but FE web dev is probably the most constantly changing field out of all dev. The closer you get to the hardware, the less change you will encounter.

    I wouldn't beat yourself up though about your lack of knowledge. TBH 4 YOE is still pretty green, no matter what the kids on Blind would have you believe. The more you learn, the more you realize how much you don't know.

    Interviews are completely detached from actual job responsibilities. To pass interviews you just need to do well at leetcode, be able to tell good stories, and not be socially awkward.
    Jul 10 3
    • Thanks for the words of encouragement
      Jul 10
    • Bloomberg FlightRisk
      My interviewers were pretty socially awkward.
      Jul 10
    • New / R&D qagR71
      You can be socially awkward if you pass the interview.
      Jul 10
  • Expedia / Eng vacations
    You've been doing front end development for 4 years and you're just now learning React and AWS? And you think you're learning things too fast? Oh boy....
    Jul 10 2
    • Target / Eng tmDe33
      95% of front end devs don't know the first thing about aws. Nor should they.
      Jul 10
    • Expedia / Eng vacations
      All devs who interact with the web should have an understanding of how web apps are deployed. Maybe not AWS but Azure, GCP, Netlify, or other CDNs at least.
      Jul 10
  • Verizon / Eng HansBomb
    You’re doing it right.

    I’d hire you just for not being an arrogant tool bag. Congrats on being a normal person.
    Jul 10 0
  • Valve / Eng

    Valve Eng

    Don't sweat it. You'll never stop learning in this industry and you'll find that certain things will interest you more than others, which corresponds to your performance as well. Find the joy in it and never stop learning.
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  • Indeed Ioser
    why would it be just lie on your resume to look less qualified and get a corresponding lower sal
    Jul 10 1
  • BBDO sxYo02
    it does not get easier.

    It is a constant grind, over and over again, learning new stuff.

    That can be fun, and also a drag. I've found learning AWS incredibly fun and exciting. Learning new javascript frameworks? A total drag which is why I don't really code anymore.
    Jul 11 0


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