Is it true that Amazon teaches ML, NLP stuff , especially in Alexa AI team?

New / Eng harigur
Jun 29 6 Comments

I was talking to a recruiter and this position is for Amazon Alexa AI team at Seattle. Recruiter said , upon clearing interivew after getting into team, if the candidate is interested in ML, NLP they teach (she literally said the word teach) it. Is this true ?

How is Alexa AI team in general ?


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  • Amazon


    Yes, most large companies have classes and universities that employees can sign up for. They have instructors, projects and tests and such.
    Jun 29 0
  • Amazon sPIE23
    It exists, but good luck finding time for it
    Jun 29 0
  • Amazon dhiekshxe
    It is called machine learning university
    Jun 29 1
    • New / Eng harigur
      Wow. This is great news. How come such good stuff never comes in media but people always being in pip or crying on restroom due to workload
      Jun 30
  • Amazon kXaQ55
    There are a ton of training and certification resources we have access to. Both in class and online. People also commonly share their experiences through internal tools, hold workshops, etc
    Jun 29 1
    • IBM ωατ
      Heard u need to pay for them
      Jun 29


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