Is taking a day off outside your PTO looked down upon at your company?

BlackRock lknvim
Jun 23 15 Comments

It seems like people mostly use their PTO but hardly ever take other days off. I don't mind losing 2 weeks worth of salary in a year if it means I get to spend 2 extra weeks with family. In addition to the monetary loss, does a company look down upon this even in I inform them well in advance?

(In addition to voting please post your thoughts if any)


From the 60-odd votes till now, over 40% of you have never even tried or considered taking time off after PTO!! For those of you 40% who want to take time off, but are not doing so because you're too lazy or afraid to ask - go on that holiday or spend time with your loved ones! From the list of top 10 things people regret in their old age, they wish they:

(9) Hadn't worked so hard
(7) Had taken better care of their body
(3) Had given back more to charity
(2) Had pursued their dreams and aspirations and not what others expected of them
(1) Had spent more time with people they care about

(According to some YouTube video)



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TOP 15 Comments
  • Nvidia bitcoin20k
    Get Unlimited PTO and chill
    Jun 23 2
    • Nvidia / Eng denvCoder9
      Given we have unlimited PTO, how much of it did you use this last year. I use only 4-5 leaves a year apart from national holidays
      Jun 23
    • 6-10 weeks
      Jun 23
  • Valassis / Eng

    Valassis Eng

    I'm much more concerned about people in my group not taking enough time away. If someone only had 3 weeks left and wanted to take six weeks we'd figure it out.
    Jun 23 0
  • Amazon CiJN18
    At Amazon I get the feeling they’d only let you take unpaid leave to deal with a personal emergency or such.
    Jun 23 4
    • BlackRock lknvim
      So you feel they'd possibly deny your vacation request? Damn
      Jun 23
    • Amazon


      In my team people can take vacation days whenever they want. We're pretty good on deadlines so senior leadership is pretty cool with things.
      Jun 23
    • Amazon CiJN18
      Yes, if it was unpaid. The only exception I’ve seen is with a new hire who had a vacation planned for after the start date and didn’t want to cancel. Employees can go negative 40 hours on vacation but it’s managers discretion.
      Jun 23
    • Amazon bay-zohs
      My manager let me take 5 weeks unpaid to go tour the country with my band last year. It was awesome
      Jun 23
  • Dispatch / Eng

    Dispatch Eng

    Goldman Sachs
    We’ve got unlimited PTO so it’s never come up
    Jun 23 1
    • BlackRock lknvim
      Jun 24
  • Northrop Grumman / Eng Crypt0
    I've done 5 weeks pto all in one go before. Traveled for vacation to a couple countries. My co-worker did 7 weeks vacation using pto. My other co-worker took pause of work to travel the world for an entire year. My company couldn't care less about productivity
    Jun 23 1
    • BlackRock lknvim
      They didn't care about your holidays as long as you were productive or they just didn't care about productivity?
      Jun 24
  • You get in this deficit stage. You end up owing time. Until you pay for it, it’s a negative balance on the books. So eventually you’ll cover it.
    Jun 23 0
  • No. I did this before. Just knock it out!
    Jun 23 0


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