Japan or Brazil?

Visa FoffBoy
Mar 7 8 Comments

Planning to take a month between quitting my job and starting my next.

(assume I have a general idea of the stark differences between these two countries)



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TOP 8 Comments
  • No point in traveling. Just use google earth and you’re basically there lol. Use in VR for extra immersion.

    You can have sushi at your local restaurant and it’s honestly fairly close to Japanese sushi no matter what most people say. People have to justify the cost of travel.
    Mar 73
    • Apple OFOM41
      +1 seriously also you can just find a local Brazilian steakhouse. Honestly other than the food, I’ve never really heard anybody tell me much else about Japan that sounded particularly interesting to see or do. I think just going for food alone is really not worth all that cost and hassle.
      Mar 7
    • I’m surprised I didn’t get flamed for this comment. Honestly I feel this way about most countries; barring some mountains, Forrests, and other unique places like wonders of the world.

      But the whole “it expands your miiiinndd” that millennials preach is total BS imo. When I ask what exactly that means, they can’t give me a straight answer except the whole “food” thing. Not worth spending that much money for food.
      Mar 9
    • Microsoft / Product


      Bain & Company
      Living in another country expands your mind. Visiting for a few days is fun but makes no difference for your life.
      Apr 21
  • Apple OFOM41
    Stay home and chill instead, can’t really think of anything that interesting to do in either country
    Mar 71
    • Visa FoffBoy
      I was thinking to do primarily Tokyo for Japan and both São Paulo and Rio for brazil
      Mar 7
  • Apple FlightRisk
    I would do both if I had a month
    Mar 70
  • Tableau Zero Cool
    You just missed carnaval season at Brazil, so Japan
    Mar 70

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