Jet/Walmart offer evaluation

Microsoft ?0-*y3
Sep 14 14 Comments

Please evaluate offer from Jet/Walmart, Hoboken, NJ for senior software engineer.

168 base
20% bonus
25k signon bonus (10k first 15k second)
40k each year regular stock grant (vesting 25% over 4 years)
40k onetime stock grant (vesting 25% over 4 years)

Can I negotiate more on signon cash bonus?

Yoe - 6


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  • Bloomberg / Eng F.U. money
    Wait... So for the first 4 years how much stock are you getting total? 40+40 = 80 or 4*40+40 = 200???
    Sep 14 7
    • Microsoft |0-*y
      Sep 14
    • Make the decision after understanding the vesting schedule. Hoboken could be a better place compared to the bay as people in Walmart Labs in the bay are going through tough times few complaining about depression, you can search for it and overall culture on blind.

      Understand the vesting schedule as you will only get 20k for first year.
      Sep 15
    • Jet mkuL05
      Hoboken is also going through tough times.
      Sep 15
    • Microsoft |0-*y
      ^Can you give more details?
      Sep 15
    • Jet mkuL05
      All teams that were solely focused on Jet have been absorbed into Walmart...and the process has been disorganized to say the least. Projects have been slow to come. Teams with not much to do. Lots of goodbye, I’m going elsewhere emails from colleagues. Jet employees are feeling the Walmart bureaucracy and are not liking it.
      Sep 15
  • Jet / Eng fpisfun
    you can negotiate 15-20k more on base and try to get all 25k sign on in year 1. But seriously don't come here if u r considering us because of jet as jet no longer exists, everything is Walmart now, come only if u r ok working with Walmart standard talent and having walmart on your resume, lot of jet folks are not ok with that and hence leaving (me included).
    Sep 16 1
    • Yes, I am leaving as well.
      Sep 28
  • Bloomberg #4thecode
    Where in NJ? I think it's quite good given NJ income taxes and COL. What about 401k?
    Sep 14 2
    • Microsoft |0-*y
      It’s in Hoboken. 6% 401k match but starts in second year.
      Sep 14
    • Bloomberg #4thecode
      That's more than what I get match wise. I think you should take it. If you're into savings, there are good options to have more $$ in your pocket, but that would mean moving in jersey
      Sep 14
  • Microsoft MwzK56
    Good offer. You can probably get more ($250k+) as SDE2 at Amzn.
    Sep 14 0