Job hunting while trying to start a family

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Has anyone started at a new company while trying to get pregnant? Have you accepted a job offer and gotten pregnant soon after?

Context: We’re actively trying to start a family. My current workplace is good but the work is not challenging anymore. I’ve become good and comfortable with what I do. I recently interviewed and turned down three great offers that pay better. Two mentioned that maternity benefits kick in only after a year (CA law) and the other startup had no mention of these benefits anywhere. I don’t want to delay starting a family.

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  • Amdocs


    12+ yoe same company
    If your current company has good maternity policy then I would advice to stick with it until u use it. Firstly in new company u cannot take full maternity leave until u finish 12 months of job. Secondly, some teammates/managers can be jerk if they know that you got pregnant immediately after joining the team.
    If you are comfortable in current work environment, that's good. You will need that comfort during pregnancy.
    Feb 221
  • Intel UGeJ58
    Why not take a year off?

    You will be in pain, sleep deprived, and only want to spend time with your newborn. Don't let American companies jerk you around and give you only 2 weeks off. Take the maternity leave at your old company and then quit after.

    It is very simple to explain to a recruiter that you spent a year with the priority of starting your family in the right foot
    Feb 223
    • Microsoft 0xdeadbeet
      Feb 22
    • Pharmacyclics WXbV35
      Not everyone has an option to take time off work. Specially if you are in the country on a work visa.
      Mar 6
    • Intel UGeJ58
      #1 is that yes I did forget about visa.
      #2 is that American companies have convinced us of that argument. The rest of the entire world receives a government mandated maternity benefit that is orders of magnitude better. #2 was the thought in my post

      I would hope that money isn't a driving factor for needing to power through post-pregnancy. There are plenty of hidden costs that don't jive with an already tight budget
      Mar 7
  • NetApp som1random
    There are companies where you can take maternity immediately after joining. No need to complete 12 months. Target such organizations. Take your chances, if company doesn’t support these benefits just move on. Don’t work for such douchebags. Irony is how tech industry talk about equality but make such policies to make our lives difficult. All the best OP!
    Feb 230
  • Microsoft desidude
    The OP sounds very excited about loss of sleep, changing diapers, loss of personal time and freedom to do pursue other interests, and constant crying noises!
    Feb 220
  • New / EngFAANG_
    What you mean by benefits kick in only after a year (CA law)? Do u mean if I start working and I got pregnant and become in labor before a year pass I should pay for hospital fees ?
    Feb 220
  • New / EngFAANG_
    Bit it worth it when you grow up and find yourself lonely
    Feb 224
    • Microsoft desidude
      I agree. Old, sick and alone sucks!
      Off topic I guess, but I just don't get how so many of us pretend how exciting it is to have kids, while the real reason is to not be alone during old age. True at least in some cultures.
      Feb 22
    • Intel UGeJ58
      Uhh, If i have kids they had better not live within 100 miles of either where they were born or where I live.

      They need their own lives. I was just the vehicle that wiped their shit until they could. Dragging your kids youth away from them is called narcissism
      Feb 23
    • Microsoft desidude
      Let's be honest, if you don't want to be close to your kids in your sunset says, it's extremely dumb to have kids in the first place.
      Feb 23
    • Intel UGeJ58
      Well, I plan to be max 50 when they go to college => new city. Graduate => have them close to friends

      I went away from my parents for a few years and it was an amazing experience. I explored new parts of the country 10x what I would ever do with repeated flights. The world is meant to be discovered. Snatching your kids life is not the reason for being a parent.

      In retirement, do I move every few years to keep up with their career goals? I'm absolutely not telling them where they can and can't go
      Feb 23
  • Pharmacyclics WXbV35
    There are two parts of maternity leave. PFL benefits (CA state) 6-8 weeks paid leave you are eligible for, from day 1. Employer parental leave policy will be in addition to that(May or may not be available from day1) Second part is FMLA that guarantees job security and up-to 12 months unpaid leave. To qualify for FMLA, you need to complete 12 months before you deliver the baby. So make sure you are asking the questions to the right person when you receive an offer.
    Mar 60
  • AIG / Product


    Deloitte Digital
    Counseling CxOs for AI-first strategy !
    Stay put.
    Then move.

    Mar 60
  • Cisco / Product


    SAP, Amazon, MathWorks
    It’s better to stay at your job. You don’t want too many moving pieces in life at once. Once you’re comfortable with the new family situation, start looking out. You seem talented, getting an offer shouldn’t be hard. Also @chakor has a valid point.
    Feb 230

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