Jump ship for more $$$... again?

U.S.Bank tytL51
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I'm currently making $71K + 8% bonus as a business analyst. I've been at my current role for a little over a year. My LinkedIn profile says I'm not open to new job offers - however, about every month or two, I have a recruiter reach out to me about a job paying in the $100-120K range.

Here's the rub: this is my fourth job in four years. Got laid off twice. My original plan was to stick this job out for a few years, go to grad school (online, part-time), to prove that I can stick around at a job - however, I'm starting to wonder if the potential risk of switching jobs (again) is worth the pay hike.

I get great performance reviews at my current job, and am in no danger of being laid off - people don't get laid off in general around here, and I'm doing better than average, performance-wise.

Should I stay at my current job for the sake of stability and finish grad school, or jump ship for the money?


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  • Google / Eng sandwich6
    Please work at least 2 years at the current job. Those 120k jobs will still be there in 6mos. And if they aren't because the economy tanks, you can bet you'll be the first to get laid off if you were only there for 6 months.
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    • Microsoft jT47lg
      Why are you telling them to stay for another year at a below market job?
      Jul 3
  • New / Design Amexdesign
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  • Leanplum pastaman
    Stay at your current job, but ask for a raise. If you need leverage, get an offer elsewhere.
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  • If they are going to pay for grad school they might want you to stick around for a couple months/years after you graduate. Make sure you check out the clauses beforehand
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  • Expedia YEETUS 💰
    Remember - C.R.E.A.M.
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  • Lyft ccxdr
    You are asking the wrong question. Stay or no stay has to be decided based on learning you are getting early in your career. Stay put for 1-2 more years, focus on learning and squiring skills. Early in career optimize for learning rest will follow. If current company is not giving you enough learning then don't stick around.
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  • Facebook / Eng

    Facebook Eng

    Get an offer from elsewhere and use it to negotiate
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  • Talk to them. Interviewing is not an obligation.

    Worst case: it's not a fit but you got practice interviewing

    Best case: the company+offer is great and you have a hard decision later
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  • Qualcomm / Eng

    Qualcomm Eng

    Intel Corporation
    what do you do
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    • U.S.Bank tytL51
      business analysis
      Jul 3
    • Google / Eng
      चाचा चौधरी

      Google Eng

      चौधरीकोइँन H Y P E
      चाचा चौधरीmore
      To add more into that, he analyzes business to come up with current strategic business transaction positions, and derive apt actionable synergistic insights using state of the art methodologies. You need acute business acumen to deliver value in this position, which OP greatly posses. LMK of you need further clarification.
      Jul 3
    • Uber / Eng fomo
      SQL monkey is what it is. So are a lot of “data scientists”.
      Jul 3
  • New / Eng SnapDocs
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