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Sep 23 5 Comments

Hi anyone did Juniper networks phone interviews? What are the questions?


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  • Rally Health FuPayMe$$$
    Shit company that pays shit tier tc. Why would anyone want to work at juniper? You will be condemned to living like a peasant working there.
    Sep 23 0
  • ARM 100gfx
    Jnpr has totally lost its way quite sometimes ago.
    Sep 23 0
  • Walmart qcd4gh
    I had worst experience. I applied for entry level software engineering role and person started asking system design questing over phone. I mean how can you show them or explain them.
    Sep 23 0
  • Oracle / Product Willoby
    Juniper has been the best techie interview I've ever had (even if I didnt pass)...15min before you start the interview they will send some network slides. Once you get into the call they will take you through 100,200, 300 questions (they start from basic conceptos, e.g. BGP routing, and then they start getting into details to ser what your level is). My advice, relax, think twice and have fun.
    Sep 23 0
  • New FzgP70
    Let me know
    Sep 26 0


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