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May 4 18 Comments

...you still blame “Antifa” or foolishly think the far right were ever interested in “free speech”:


“RAM regularly held hand-to-hand and other combat training for its members to prepare them to engage in violent confrontations at several purported political rallies and demonstrations in Virginia and California between March and August 2017, federal prosecutors said.

The RAM members traveled to Charlottesville for the rally in August 2017 with the expectation of getting into violent confrontations with counterprotesters to fuel riots.

When they arrived in Charlottesville, the RAM members bought athletic tape at Walmart to wrap their wrists for protection when they engaged in street violence, prosecutors said.

RAM members used tiki torches to strike multiple people during a clash between hundreds of white supremacists and a group of students protesting white supremacy at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville on the night before the rally.

The next day at the rally, RAM members collectively pushed, punched, kicked, chocked, headbutted, and assaulted several people as they made their way through a group of about 20 anti-discrimination protesters, resulting in a riot.

RAM members admitted that their actions were not in self-defense but to further incite a violent riot.

RAM members had previously assaulted counterprotesters at other rallies, including one in Berkeley in April 2017.”


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    Antifa is literally a terrorist group.
    May 4 4
  • Microsoft magnum pi
    You need a visit from Based Stick Man.
    May 4 0
  • Google t9aG6g
    Antifa and RAM need to be locked together in a cage with the key thrown away.

    Society will be better for it.
    May 4 0
  • Uber gRtV35
    Antifas are hypocritical delusional POS
    May 5 0
  • Amazon / Mgmt Db8db4
    Well, put the violent ones behind bars. We do not excuse the use of violence. Also we do not put everyone in the same bucket.
    Maybe one day you will learn to do the same.
    May 4 0
  • Apple ijyA68
    What is the difference between RAM and Antifa?
    May 4 8
    • Apple ijyA68
      Really? They all showed up with the same shields and clubs to one of the anti-Marxism rallies in Berkeley. They obviously meet up ahead of time to make the weapons they use to beat people who are not Democrats.

      May 5
    • Credit Karma EllisDee25
      Lol, almost none would be Democrats.

      And you do see the irony of claiming that people holding an anti-Marxism rally support free-speech, right?
      May 5
    • Apple ijyA68
      They bring the weapons and shields they manufactured to the protest to beat up the anti-Marxists, not each other. I don’t know what you are talking about with respect to free speech. You were trying to say Antifa is a disorganized “flash mob”.
      May 5
    • Credit Karma EllisDee25
      Yes, Antifa act as a decentralized flash mob... as opposed to anything resembling a gang or street neo-Nazis. By and large they are simply protesting the fascist far right. The ones who engage in violence are generally arrested.

      They are protesting the rallies they protest at. By contrast who are the alt-right protesting? All “Marxists” the Jews who are plotting to “replace” them?

      The alt-right claim they are just protesting for free speech and yet most conservatives and many establishment liberals take them at face value. And yet, isn’t “protesting Marxism” counter to free-speech? Why have these same free-speech protesters shut down leftist bookstores if they are for “free speech”?

      Meanwhile it turns out that authorities have arrested people from at least two different white power gangs who premeditatedly used these protests as pretext for just beating people up. Meanwhile, conservatives foolishly invite self-proclaimed gang, the Proud boys, to an event and the gang goes out beating people up and calling them homophobic slurs.

      It seems that there’s quite a bit of qualitative difference between the “good people on both sides”.
      May 5
    • Apple ijyA68
      Why is protesting against a political ideology make you against free speech?
      May 5