Last Mile Bellevue roles?

Sep 29 12 Comments

Hello. I saw a role in Amazon Last Mile but keep hearing bad things about this management. Is it still bad? Why?

I think I have the background for it and its the only thing interesting me in amazon now, but don't want to waste a chance getting in if its going to be a bad interview experience.

Could someone share any insight or what level this role is? A837426
I used to work with sensor manufacturers who created LiDAR and mapping solutions for autonomous cars and just want to continue in that but in FANG.

Thank you.


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  • Roku / R&D Family.Man
    Amazon as a whole company is bad!
    Sep 29 0
  • Amazon cguufucuc
    Do not join Last Mile. Worst org in the company. Worst management in the company.
    Oct 5 1
    • Amazon


      Here to share my experience and knowledge inspired by the support I got from minimsft.
      Any specific people to stay away from or the entire org?
      Oct 5
  • Amazon hemihirhle
    I made a mistake by not going through peopleโ€™s advice before accepting their offer. Donโ€™t do that mistake. Amazon is not a good place.
    Sep 29 1
    • Microsoft Beepbopyip
      Care to get into the details? What is exactly crappy?
      Sep 29
  • Amazon andysin
    Last mile is extremely political due to some bad actors at the top of the leadership chain. Decision making is super slow because of a broken org structure, which was put in place to keep leaders happy and have them build empires. As a space, it is quite interesting with a lot of challenging problems but the red tape and politics can get super frustrating.
    Oct 1 0
  • Depends where you are. Iโ€™m at Amazon now, personally I like it much better than MSFT.
    Sep 29 3
    • Microsoft Beepbopyip
      How long have you been in Amazon? The word is 2 year mark is when things go south
      Sep 29
    • 4 months. I might be back at MSFT at the 2 year mark. Who knows? I left because career progression at MSFT is a joke. I went two years without a promotion, after being promised one for a full year, so I quit. I know other people that have gone 6+ years.
      Sep 30
    • Microsoft Beepbopyip
      I agree to that. Career progress in Microsoft is a joke with random constraints like "x years in a level", "interband intra band" crap.. Despite all that the management is not as bad as Amazon which I hear is toxic
      Sep 30
  • T-Mobile


    One of my worst managers from MSFT is hiring on that team. He pretty much kissed ass and threw his reports under the bus every chance he got. His LinkedIn says hiring mobile developers. Good lord, he was truly at the bottom of the barrel. I would never join his team!
    Sep 29 1
    • New MITftw
      Does his first & last name start with "A"?
      Sep 29


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