Layoffs and sales in PDX

Tektronix BlueBerd
Feb 2 5 Comments

I am looking for advice or amusing banter. I worked at Oracle for a dozen years in service agreement and subscription sales. I was laid off when most of the department went overseas. I'm in a similar position at a new company but it's not the right place for me. It's more administrative than sales and I miss sales. If/when you were laid off how did you figure out your next steps? Did you change careers, get some certification, go back to school? A lot of my ex colleagues took vacations after the lay off but I like to work and stay busy. I'm at a crossroads. I'm a top performer at what I do but it's a very niche field. Appreciate your thoughts.


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  • I thought good sales people can sell anuthing including themselves
    Feb 31
    • Tektronix BlueBerd
      If only that were true. As I said I have been working on service contract renewal sales and negotiations for a long time. It's a niche industry and while I'm a great salesperson it's been challenging to find a similar role at a great firm in my area.
      Feb 3
  • CenturyLink ChuckNoars
    Strange they would outsource sales overseas.
    If you were a top performer at Oracle, there are other companies with similar services that would be glad to have you im sure. Why not go into sale with one of them?
    Feb 21
    • Tektronix BlueBerd
      Yeah they restructured sent 70% overseas for cheaper labor. And they consolidated everyone else in Colorado in the office. I had been working remotely for a number of years. When I was let go I received a letter from the unemployment office confirming my job went overseas and that I qualified for additional assistance but already had a new job then. I have applied at other companies and interviewed. But haven't found the right place/job yet in part it's timing and in part its location.
      Feb 2
  • Tektronix BlueBerd
    I also was making a Bay Area money when I transferred to Portland and it causes some sticker shock.
    Feb 20

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