Leaving Facebook for Google: Questions

Facebook Descent
Apr 14 20 Comments

This summer I will complete a year at Facebook and have 2.5 yoe. I’m an enterprise engineer making $155k ($125k base + bonus/RSU). I have interview requests for SWE roles at Google, LinkedIn, Uber, Lyft, Twitter + other companies I’m not interested in.

I’m totally satisfied with everything about my job except comp. I would be satisfied with comp if I didn’t have the opportunity to make more either at FB or peer companies. I’m thinking of leaving enterprise engineering.

I can either transfer internally to SWE at Facebook and try to increase comp through quick promotions, SWE-refreshers, potential DE or interview and go to Google.

I have some questions:
1. What’s promotion speed like at Google? Facebook rewards impact well and in rare cases back to back promotions actually happen.
2. What’s the upper limit of what Google would offer me at 2.5 yoe assuming I do well in interviews and negotiate well with competing offers.
3. Is this just needless pursuit of TC? This is mostly motivated by the fact that I can make more as SWE but I am also somewhat interested in software infrastructure.


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  • Workday illililii
    220-300k tc
    Apr 14 5
    • Airbnb GkDX06
      With 2.5 yoe? No way.
      Apr 14
    • Microsoft lMQO62
      I’m in that range with 3yoe
      Apr 14
    • Amazon / Eng bingming
      I’m in that range with < 2 YoE
      Apr 14
    • Oscar 🐨koala
      Lmao these responses.
      Apr 14
    • New wkn5x8w
      Everyone is a fuckin liar here
      Apr 14
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    Switching company is often better for compensation compared to waiting to raise. Make sure to keep asquiring marketable and easy to adapt to new company skills. Do not burn bridges with past company and team mates.
    Stay at company for a while, not jump every year (looks awful on resume).
    Interview with all companies you can (and have time). One reason is to get practice and do not do dumb mistakes, second is to get competiting offers and make best company for work-life balance to match best salary offered by other (they have salary high as otherwise unable to attract talent).
    Apr 14 2
    • I have heard many people say that jumping frequently looks bad.

      I'm at my sixth company in 9 years (at least a 10% bump in tc at each) and when I interview it's never even mentioned.

      I know it's anecdata, but I honestly don't think anyone gives a shit.
      Apr 14
    • Apple


      AnEngineer probably a rumor to keep people workers in their place under compensated for as long as possible
      Apr 14
  • VMware Flambeau
    1. Slow from what I hear.
    2. L3
    3. That’s hard for others to judge
    Apr 14 1
    • Oscar 🐨koala
      This is the accurate answer, 95% sure will downlevel to L3.
      Apr 14
  • F5 Networks / Eng moveon?
    How's EE different than SWE?
    Apr 14 4
    • Dropbox systest
      EE builds internal tools or admin tools
      Apr 14
    • F5 Networks / Eng moveon?
      Thanks! Is this similar to SETI at G?
      Apr 14
    • Dropbox systest
      No they are different roles. SETI is building test infrastructure. I think G SETI > FB EE in terms of pay/prestige, but I’m not sure.
      Apr 14
    • F5 Networks / Eng moveon?
      Gotcha. Thanks for the information!
      Apr 14
  • Dropbox systest
    FB EE to G/FB SWE is a strict upgrade
    Apr 14 0
  • BYTON Dof
    What is enterprise engineering anyway?
    Apr 14 0
  • LinkedIn appsre
    Problem is you are not SWE at FB
    Apr 14 0
  • Dropbox 5vi
    How much less is EE paid ad FB?
    Apr 14 0


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