Leetcode vs Hackerrank

Netflix ycitt
Mar 1 11 Comments

I know this community is a big fan of leetcode, but I see lot of companies adopting hackerrank as a platform for coding interviews. Assuming there is functional parity between these two websites, which one is better and why?


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  • Heal SOxq62
    Leetcode, hackerrank is too much verbose
    Mar 1 0
  • Hacker rank description is like a story and 99% written by a kid who does ACM icpc
    Mar 1 0
  • Salesforce / Eng ragnarr
    Hackerrank is more focused on reading comprehension
    Mar 1 0
  • Bloomberg / Eng

    Bloomberg Eng

    I think companies use hacker rank cause the codepair tool works well. Not cause it’s awesome for those who want to practice for interviews.
    Mar 1 0
  • Google sanity
    I consider myself the smartest of the smartest and even I couldn't figure out how to successfully submit a solution on that platform
    Mar 1 0
  • New Lcja21
    Hackerrank questions are too verbose and I found them hard to understand.... Questions are really vague and doesn't really make sense what they're even asking
    Mar 1 0
  • Accenture bOsk66
    Yes, hackerrank is for serious coding competitions, leetcode is great for job interviews. Though there is an overlap, they serve two very different purposes!
    Mar 1 0
  • New / Eng Xbun83
    Myself and the few other competent former technical HackerRank employees will tell you: use Leetcode. Most of HackerRank’s content is produced by 18-23 year old competitive programmers and college students in 3rd world countries with zero real work/engineering experience, oftentimes the ‘correct’ solutions have errors (the focus is cranking out new content) and I am baffled that the company hasn’t folded yet.
    6d 0
  • Leetcode is for interviewee to prepare. HackerRank/CodePair is for interviewer to give.
    Mar 1 0
  • Microsoft / Eng

    Microsoft Eng

    Also the console in/out on Hackerrank is super annoying
    Mar 1 0
  • Walmart.com Lxdb45
    Leetcode is super set of hacker rank TC 165 k 1yr experience
    Mar 1 0