Lime offer negotiation

New / Eng DaMd34
Aug 21 9 Comments

I have cleared technical onsite interview. Next steps are team matching and talk with CTO before making an offer. Recruiter told they'll wait for a week after making offer for my decision.

I am yet to take technical screening from Facebook, and MS. I am excited about joining Lime, but worried they might low ball if I don't have a competing offer. In fact, I would be interested in joining FB or MS too for that matter.

Can I stall further interview steps with Lime so that I can expedite my interview process with other companies? If so, how? Is it risky? I don't want to loose Lime offer just because of stalling.

Please help!


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  • Lime limeluv
    I work at Lime now and was in a similar situation considering other opportunities. They definitely didn’t lowball, the recruiter was transparent throughout the entire situation and willing to work with me. Of course the offer isn’t going to be FB or MS level (public vs private company) but the numbers are competitive and opportunity is definitely better than the tech giants out there. If I were you I wouldn’t skip out on this, FB and MS will always be there but this particular opportunity at Lime to come in early won’t.
    Aug 30 2
    • New / Eng DaMd34
      Thanks a lot for the detailed insight. I am considering infrastructure and platform team to join. Could you please share any info you have on the team. Thanks
      Sep 2
    • Lime limeluv
      Happy to help. That’s a solid team to work on, the Director is a very experienced leader and it’s impressive to see such a small team keeping Lime up and running at such a large scale. Really good for growth opportunities and mentorship as well if that’s something important to you.
      Sep 3
  • LimeBike ckrdbug
    just move on. Lime only expect lowball u. if they dont they move on
    Aug 25 3
    • LimeBike LimeChøw
      Aug 26
    • New / Eng DaMd34
      Thanks for your insight. Could you please tell what range can I expect for SE with 3 yoe?
      Aug 27
    • Facebook / Eng ixUY64
      They were willing to negotiate heavily with me, contradictory to what you're saying.
      Aug 29
  • Square fashepherd
    I lost their offer earlier this year b/c I was also interviewing with other companies ... if you are confident about getting another offer and joy regretting giving lime up then you could wait to try others.
    Aug 21 1
    • New / Eng PJcU00
      Oh sorry to hear. Regarding loosing offer, did you not get back to them on time or did they revoke just because you were interviewing with others?
      Aug 22


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