LinkedIn Analytics / Hadoop team

Microsoft Xzzbz
Jul 8 20 Comments

How is the analytics eng team at LinkedIn? It is in the data org and it builds apache services like Gobblin looks like.

Yet to receive the offer numbers, will update once I do.

TC: 200k
YoE: 3


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  • Google ll5l5l5
    LinkedIn Eng is one of the best in the industry, especially in domain of analytics and big data processing. Look at tons of contributions coming from Linkeind to open source projects in this domain. Don't think twice. Embrace the opportunity.
    Jul 8 3
    • LinkedIn larano
      Why one of the best in industry? I feel strength of LinkedIn is culture/WLB, but the internal tooling is poor.
      Jul 8
    • Microsoft Xzzbz
      Interesting, thanks!
      Jul 8
    • LinkedIn / Product gassoup
      Lol, that's so not true.
      Jul 9
  • LinkedIn fooss
    Yes, its the same org. Engineering talent is top notch and open source is the way of life. Teams like Gobblin, Azkaban, Pinot, Hadoop directly work on open source code base (no internal forks). Lot of exciting work is happening across all of the teams (new greenfield initiatives, cloud, and more). You can't go wrong.
    Disclaimer: I am biased since I am from this org.
    Jul 9 10
    • LinkedIn rudeagency
      I believe reloc package is generally offered. They’ll want you to be in the office your team is based in, not work remotely from another location.
      Jul 9
    • LinkedIn Data@Scale
      I am also in the same Analytics Engineering .org and can attest to everything that fooss said
      Jul 10
    • LinkedIn fooss
      They will offer you relocation.
      Jul 10
    • MongoDB tlb_miss
      @fooss any insights into insearch team?
      Jul 11
    • LinkedIn fooss
      sorry don't know much about them.
      Jul 11
  • Philips / Data

    Philips Data

    Congratulations! Can you tell me the interview process and any tips for the interview?
    Jul 8 1
    • Microsoft Xzzbz
      It was pretty easy. I think the system design round is important. Do well in that.
      Jul 8
  • Microsoft Xzzbz
    Thanks! May I PM you for some specific team questions?
    Jul 9 1
  • Axtria DesiLaunda
    How was the interview process?
    Jul 8 0