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Codementor umzn70
Apr 12 12 Comments

I have a LinkedIn onsite coming up and I was wondering if anyone has an idea of the format of the coding interview. I have 2 slots for coding for data warehouse engineer and was told they would just be the typical SDE questions.

My understanding is that they would typically ask 2 LC mediums or 1 LC hard during a block? Or does that sound off?


🙏 thanks


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  • VMware krhdwk
    Practice all LinkedIn tagged problems on lc and you'll be fine.
    Apr 12 2
    • Glassdoor dixm
      Terrible advice, they obviously know that too
      Apr 12
    • Are the questions verbatim from Leetcode for the coding rounds?
      Apr 23
  • Salesforce moonlite
    Good luck with 6 hours of back to back interviews with no breaks.
    Apr 12 2
    • Codementor umzn70
      I'll make sure to bring an empty bottle to minimize disturbances to my leetcoding
      Apr 12
    • Twitter / Eng

      Twitter Eng

      Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google
      As long as you leave it there as a parting gift this might work
      Apr 12
  • LinkedIn / Eng ganache
    I don't know how it is for DWH engineers, but for my SWE interview, it was 1 Hard+1 easier Medium in 1 round, & 2 Mediums in another round.
    Apr 13 3
    • Amazon wzcI87
      Would you say they were from leetcode and doing all linkedin leetcode is enough?
      Apr 13
    • LinkedIn / Eng ganache
      One was from LC. Another was a variant of a LC problem. Not sure about the others. I would say know DP & backtracking well.
      Apr 13
    • Codementor umzn70
      Thanks much appreciated
      Apr 13
  • Amazon / Product

    Amazon Product

    AMD, EY
    Apply to Amazon than be at LinkedIn. Tucks
    Apr 12 0
  • SAP


    Bio on blind!
    Apr 12 0