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Comcast demodogz
Jul 13 6 Comments

As of now I have completed 5 phone screens and one onsite. I have more phone screens lined up but I need to work on a game plan to move quickly. I love to put things off and generally not super motivated but I have done 100ish LC problems across topics. I only got through one phone screen as of now -Facebook but onsite did not go well and was rejected. I study for 3 hours a day. Any advice on what else should I do to make this process quicker ? And please share tips on study techniques that help in general!


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  • Uber ifkdh46
    Try mock interviews like Pramp.com, Gianlo.co and PracticeCodingInterview.com
    Jul 15 0
  • GoDaddy Ofj47e
    Get more actual experience than fake leetcode
    Jul 13 2
    • Comcast demodogz
      You mean like at work or personal projects ?
      Jul 13
    • Airbnb liFu43
      Jul 13
  • I wonder what percent of ppl who go onsite for fb get offers?
    Jul 13 0
  • Airbnb liFu43
    Keep interviewing
    There's certainly some luck involved
    Jul 13 0