Looking for referrals in tech startups

Jun 19 12 Comments

I have been actively looking to join an early/mid-stage startup as a product manager. I have 3+ years of experience running a logistics tech startup (scaled to 8 states from scratch) and am capable of building full-stack applications. Would greatly appreciate if anyone could refer me.

Some of the companies I'm looking at are:
- Getaround
- DoorDash
- Lyft
- Postmates
- Yelp
- Nextdoor
- goShippo

But I'm open to any other startups that are hiring a PM. Appreciate!!


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Oath Atinlay2
    Lyft, Yelp, and Doordash are NOT startups
    Jun 19 2
    • Nvidia ic4cc
      Even postmates right ? They plan to come IPO this year
      Jun 19
    • Oath Atinlay2
      Correct. I almost included Postmates, probably should have
      Jun 19
  • Amazon / Eng utu
    Jun 19 3
    • Oath Atinlay2
      Not a startup
      Jun 19
    • Amazon / Eng utu
      If OPs definition of startup is Lyft/Yelp, Airbnb is comparable.
      Jun 19
    • Oath Atinlay2
      OP needs to learn more about the industry
      Jun 19
  • Noom / Product

    Noom Product

    Hiring product managers and engineers
    I’m a PM at Noom, we just raised $60M from Sequoia to build out product team. NYC
    Jun 19 2
    • Ericsson / IT danMC
      Can you refer? I have 14+ IT exp, 5+ Product
      Jun 19
    • Gartner dumbsquid
      could you refer me to Data Scientist position at Noom?
      Jun 27
  • Envoy jdhsb
    PM me for doordash
    Jun 27 0
  • Getaround / Biz Dev GENo64
    PM me re: Getaround.
    Jun 20 0


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