Lyft front end interview. System design?

Yahoo zRlc47
Oct 6, 2018 2 Comments

Does anyone know what the lyft front end interviews are like? Specifically the system design portion - is it a generalist one, or more of a front end focused one, like Facebook?


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  • Vistaprint / EngQieuriti
    You will be asked to design a decently sized UI component and its backing API. Be prepared to discuss pros/cons of the API design, caching, state management, UX, etc.

    Word of warning: they are extremely nit picky in the system design. My interviewer assumed a flaw in the design of my state management when I hadn’t even discussed state management yet. When he pointed it out, I immediately elaborated on how it would be designed to avoid that issue, and he agreed. Feedback came back with a “no hire” from that interview because there was a “flaw in my state management design and I needed help realizing it.” That was from a 10 second back and forth in 45 minutes of design. Ridiculous.
    Oct 7, 20180
  • Facebook / EngEntUser
    Lyft's front end interviews are highly hands on and front end focused where you can code on your own laptop and will be asked to write JS functions, a game or a UI component.

    I disagree that the process is like Facebook's. Both companies' front end interview process asks domain-specific questions but Facebook asks only function types and makes you write on a whiteboard.

    I personally prefer Lyft's process.
    Oct 6, 20180

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