Marketing / Growth Manager at Uber

Oracle SafariCats
Sep 13, 2018 5 Comments

I’ve been contacted by Uber for 2 positions, Marketing Manager & growth Manager for one of their up and coming regions in EMEA w 4 yoe. What is the TC for those positions?


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Uber Fhjhjj
    Don’t expect much
    Sep 13, 2018 1
    • Oracle SafariCats
      In which bracket at least?
      Sep 13, 2018
  • Uber idkwtd!
    MM here at uber. Non-tech pay is v v sup-par. Tell me more about the roles to get a range
    Mar 19 0
  • eBay / Strategy OisD05
    Did u get the job?
    Mar 19 0
  • Microsoft AyyyLMAOHa
    Sep 13, 2018 0

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