Mazda CX-5/$25K/BayArea - good quote ?

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Jul 2 11 Comments

I have that dealer price from Stevens Creek for the Touring trim without any other additions and using my own financing via tech Cu (3.5%).

Is this a good quote ?

I’ve sent emails to Fremont and Capitol yesterday asking if they can do better but I’m yet to hear back.

The 2020 model will be out by sept but don’t want to wait and that will probably start with a higher MSRP.


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  • It’ll get much cheaper when the 2020 model comes out and just before then. They need to make room for the new inventory.

    Don’t just do Fremont and Capitol, try the whole Bay Area and everywhere around it including Fresno.
    Jul 2 3
    • PayPal kochikame
      How much cheaper ?
      Jul 2
    • It depends on whether Mazda starts offering dealer incentives to get rid of the old CX-5s, and how much those incentives are. Usually they will.

      Unfortunately as consumers we have no idea what these dealer rebates/incentives are. We only know about the consumer ones.

      The dealer will also try to keep as much of those if possible, and that’s where your negotiating skills come in (ie other offers).
      Jul 2
    • Btw, also check TrueCar and Cartelligent to get a better idea on pricing. The latter actually negotiates for you. But you can always get a better deal, it’s just a matter of time spent honestly.
      Jul 2
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    Google, Waymo, US Navy
    Use Truecar to get invoice pricing. Saved me thousands.
    Jul 2 0
  • Samsung Igghff
    Fremont offers best deals in bay area. I bought my CX5 there
    Jul 2 0
  • Commvault vwMA32
    I bought a base trim CX-5 for $19k in Texas two years ago. Once the new model starts hitting dealers, they will be willing to deal on the old model year. Email all dealers you would be willing to travel to purchase from. I ended up buying ~5 hours away in Fort Worth to get the best deal.
    Jul 2 0
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    If you aren’t paying lower than the invoice price, it’s not a good deal.
    Jul 2 0
  • PayPal kochikame
    Just wanted to report that I bought mine for $23,800+TTL from Fremont Mazda this month ... touring trim.
    Jul 27 0
  • Amazon lkenbhso
    Jul 2 0
  • Microsoft Harambe’
    Its good. Mazda dealers don’t discount much. Personally prefer the turbo engine but thats costly
    Jul 2 0