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Microsoft / Data ppal
Mar 27 9 Comments

I've heard that these firms go to top campuses throughout the world to market themselves as an awesome place to work. But they only hire 1-2 good-looking people from a majority of those campuses. However, they make everyone prepare for their cases etc, for them to leave an impression on young folks. In the future, if one of us makes it big, we'll remember BCG, McK and give them million $ contracts for bs. Did you know this?



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  • Zillow Group yKVF24
    Their entire job is to bs and make executives happy
    Mar 27 0
  • BCG noggler
    We should eliminate all other jobs other than SWE, SWEs run the world, everyone should be SWE lol
    Mar 27 2
    • Microsoft / Data ppal
      No, actually let's just make a hot, skinny person the CEO.
      Mar 27
    • BCG noggler
      seems like you have a problem with hot people not MBBs
      Mar 27
  • Microsoft nsgiet
    These are the firms that incentivize college admission scandals like the one recently unearthed by Stanford.
    Mar 27 0
  • Facebook rubberlude
    They basically go to top 10 mba programs and that’s it. Even at good but not great ones (UCLA, Virginia, etc) spots are few and far between. Seems Most spots are allocated to hbs, Wharton, and Kellogg
    Mar 27 0
  • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay1
    Ask the people you “heard” it from
    Mar 27 0
  • Dropbox systest
    Horrible WLB as junior
    Mar 28 0
  • IBM / Strategy nohaha
    Mar 27 0