Miami/Orlando Suggestions

Salesforce vaseline
Jun 6 3 Comments

Going to Miami (2 days) and Orlando (1 day) during the July 4 long weekend by taking Friday off. What are some must things to do? Single male in mid twenties so looking forward to partying too!

P.S. - I have been to the universal studios in LA, so should I visit the one in Florida? (Huge Harry Potter fan)

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  • New / Eng cousin
    Idk if the one in LA is similar, but the Harry Potter world in Orlando is freaking amazing.

    Also Miami is cool if you know a local that’ll take you to the good bars/clubs/restaurants. Otherwise just go walk around Ocean Drive and South Beach so you at least get to know it.
    Jun 7 0
  • LinkedIn snorkell
    Did you forget to search for the worst months to travel to Florida?
    Jun 6 0
  • AnchorFree / Eng πŸͺ cookie
    Miami has a cool graffiti neighborhood to make photos. And short trips to Bahamas or something, it's 60 mile from shore. Also the cruise ships are cool, but there are no short cruises I think.
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