Microsoft PMs who transitioned to Product Manager at Amazon, Facebook or Google

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Sep 13, 2018 2 Comments

I’m starting to prepare to transition to one of these companies and would love to hear from other MSFTies PMs who made the same transition.

My role at MSFT is the traditional PM role here. I write specs, drive execution, remove roadblocks, etc. I also help with strategy to an extent. As the Cracking the PM interview book says, Microsoft is very top down in this regard, so by the time products come to me they are at least half baked. If I’m to change to Product Manager in the likes of Facebook, Amazon, etc I’d probably struggle initially to own conception from the beginning.

So I wanted to hear from other softies who made the same transition and what your experience was like, how you developed the skills, and what it really is like to conceive a product from the beginning.


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    Personally, I've seen Microsoft PgMs either struggling as PMs at places I've worked or just try to be TPMs: triaging bugs, creating scheduling spreadsheets, sending status emails, creating exec review slide decks and stuff like that.
    Sep 13, 2018 1
    • Microsoft 12345!!
      That’s precisely what I want to avoid. I want to move to Product Manager, and looking for tips from those who went through the same transition.
      Sep 13, 2018