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Oct 29 3 Comments

If someone with an active “v-“ applies for an FTE job at Microsoft, will the sponsor of the v- account be notified? Vendor (friend) wants to transition as an FTE but is hesitant to use his v- credentials instead of applying through the external career page. Thanks!


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  • Microsoft crapola
    I've transitioned from v- to FTE twice, and each time the Vendor company of course was notified. He can certainly use the external site, but if hired the Vendor firm will know anyway. Not sure what his relationship is with the vendor, but yeah... You could keep it secret for now, then spring it on them if he gets an MS offer. Caveat is that if hired by MS, he may need to pay a hefty fee back to the vendor firm. He should study his employment contract to see what it says about placement fees or something of that nature. In my 1st FTE position, my team paid it for me. In my last vendor contract which went FTE, I made them strike the direct-hire clause entirely.
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    • Amazon iUKQ36
      He’s not worried about the vendor company he works for or people finding out he left his company for Microsoft if he gets the job, he’s just curious if the Microsoft FTE who is sponsoring his v- gets a notification or something. He just wants to know if he can apply now or if he has to wait until he speak to his sponsor first (he’d have to wait 2 weeks to speak to him because his sponsor is on vacation).
      Oct 30
    • Microsoft crapola
      In that case, the interviews may ask what team and possibly the alias of his sponsor. I would recommend being transparent with the FTE sponsor. I managed several vendors in my time and gladly gave glowing reviews for those with a great skillset who wanted to go FTE.... Just as my sponsors did for me twice, or I wouldn't be here today. 😁
      Oct 30


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