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Booz Allen Hamilton ukrW70
Feb 8 10 Comments

Hi there!

Anyone know what the medical, dental, and vision package Microsoft has costs for folks in California? What is the employee premium (if any)?



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  • Microsoft Harmar
    Microsoft pays 100% of premiums, at least in WA. You may still owe deductible and/or co-pays, depending on which plan you select. (If you choose the high-deductible option, Microsoft contributes money to your HSA to pay for the first couple K each year)
    Feb 80
  • Microsoft / EngDeep mind
    It's zero. Medical insurance costs you nothing at Microsoft.
    Feb 90
  • Oath / MgmtAtinlay
    Why does it matter?
    Feb 83
    • Booz Allen Hamilton ukrW70
      I heard that they cover the costs and I have a verbal offer right now and wanted to get a feel for it
      Feb 8
    • Oath / MgmtAtinlay
      Ask your recruiter
      Feb 8
    • Booz Allen Hamilton ukrW70
      They won’t give me any information on costs or packages until after the offer is formally signed
      Feb 8
  • Booz Allen Hamilton ukrW70
    Thank you, I was wondering if the employee had to pay a premium for medical insurance
    Feb 81
  • Facebook public2
    Costs? Doesn't cost you anything. You asking how much it costs msft?
    Feb 80
  • Microsoft
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    Not sure about how it works in CA, but in WA there’s no employer payment towards the healthcare premium.

    For dental it depends if you want the premium option which is roughly $10/month I think.
    Feb 80

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