Most anticipated releases for this year?

Bose g95fig
Apr 26 2 Comments

Which games are coming out this year that you predict will be do really well in the market? So far Apex Legends seems to be doing really great.


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  • SAP RDP24
    I disagree on Apex Legends doing well. The only reason it rose to popularity is because they paid popular streamers (ninja) millions of dollars to play their game during the launch. The timing behind Apex Legends release couldn’t be better because their biggest rival, Fortnite, had a lot of users upset because the game was making changes that didn’t appeal to them hence why they switched to Apex, they wanted a break & wanted something fresh. However, after a month those same big streamers that were paid $1,000,000 to play the game after the release, gave up on Apex & have now switched back to Fortnite after significant changes to the map & game were made. Those streamers continuously play & stream with 15,000+ viewers consistently on Fortnite.
    Apr 26 0
  • Microsoft / Eng Stack🖕flo
    Classic WoW re release. Remaster of warcraft 3. No one has made decent games since then.
    Apr 29 0