Most valuable technical track and framework

Amazon OPjI42
Jul 28 11 Comments

I'm stuck with Java backend infrastructure development. What's the most valuable technical skill to learn in 6 months to increase the tc?

Data science? Full stack? Kubernetes? Mobile development?

Mind share tc?


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  • Microsoft lalalao
    I only see Amazon Microsoft obsessing about some language. C# shop or Java shop. It’s either because seniors are centuries old and have never tried anything else and think language makes a difference. A senior with decade experience told me not to POC in nodejs and use .net for console app because you cannot step debug in nodejs. I died a bit inside.
    Jul 28 2
    • Bloomberg TCaaS
      A “senior”... what a joke some engineers are.
      Jul 28
    • Amazon / Eng OlAl28
      This same kind of shit happens at Amazon. Annoying as fuck
      Jul 30
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    The most valuable skill is experience. And, it can’t be gained in six months.
    Jul 28 1
    • Bloomberg / Eng

      Bloomberg Eng

      Bloomberg LP
      Technically they’d have gained 6 months of experience 🙂
      Jul 28
  • IBM / Eng namastayyy
    not java,all those old guys are getting laid off
    Jul 28 2
    • Amazon / Eng OlAl28
      I hate Java
      Jul 28
    • NVIDIA gruse
      What’s wrong with Java?
      Jul 28
  • New pwdi15
    When we hire we developers we value C++ knowledge and experience the most. I recommend that. I think if you can be good at c++ you can be good at anything
    Jul 28 1
    • Bloomberg TCaaS
      I think so too. I consider myself a C++ pro and I picked up Java 8+ in a day well enough to strongly pass the Netflix take home exercise which was ~1200 lines. Then it took me a couple of days to be comfortable in Scala. 💪🏼
      Jul 28
  • Amazon OPjI42
    What's good to study?
    Jul 28 0


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