Mover recommendation for Seattle -> San Mateo

Indeed / EngGradley
Feb 3

I'm looking to move a lightly furnished house in Seattle, WA into an apartment in San Mateo, CA. We'd be open to paying for packing or doing it ourselves depending on the cost. This would be early March. I'm hoping for some recommendations for good, reliable and reasonably-priced movers. Thanks in advance!


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  • Amazon humanne
    Try graebel vanlines. It should not cost more than 3500 for a 1 bedroom or less move. I did the exact same move in May about 2.5 years ago and this was a full service mover.
    Feb 32
    • Indeed / EngGradley
      Awesome, thanks!

      Edit: Sadly, they seem to have closed. A shame!
      Feb 4
    • Amazon humanne
      Hmm, interestingly they were official relocation mover for Amazon. Seems like Amazon negotiated them into bankruptcy!
      Feb 4
  • Google / Engcatburglar
    Sounds like YouTube?
    Feb 30
  • Cisco / Eng


    tc? which company?
    Feb 31
    • Indeed / EngGradley
      Current 320 new 450. Which company is secret for now (would identify me too easily).
      Feb 3

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