Moving away from sales.

USI Holding lyMh56
Oct 22 4 Comments

Currently an insurance broker with a decent sized book, TC about $180k (strictly commissions no salary). YOE about 6 years in the industry. The constant stress of bringing on new accounts while not losing the ones I have means I work a crazy schedule. In the next 4-5 years I'd like to transition out of sales, but not necessarily out of insurance all together. Just curious what other sales people have done when they were starting to get burned out. Unfortunately because I work for a large broker it's not like I can just build a book and then sit on it...I always have yearly sales targets. I am starting to take classes today obtain my ARM and have possibly thought about either getting a master's or a law degree.


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  • Cisco Be_happy
    You won't run from stress with a salary over $80k.
    Oct 22 2
    • USI Holding lyMh56
      I don't mind stress, but if I have a bad year and lose a few big accounts my TC could drop 30% or more in a year. Looking for something with more stability, I don't mind working my butt off as long as I can count on the same paycheck every 2 weeks.
      Oct 22
    • Cisco Be_happy
      I see where you come from.
      Oct 22
  • PNC Apiccz
    You should see if product management interests you. People who have a sales background often make the best product managers
    Oct 23 0


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