Moving on from IBM

Feb 14

I’ve been with IBM for about three years now. Started right out of college. Definitely enjoyed my time here and learned quite a lot, especially in regards to how a large corporation operates. Nonetheless, I’ve decided that it’s my time to finally move on and continue my career in tech elsewhere. However, since I’ve only worked at IBM since graduation, I’m not sure which path to take, or even how I go about taking the next path. I’m in tech sales, mainly IBM’s cloud platform, and hit 125% quota this past year. Thus, I’m sufficient in the technical sales side of things and would like to continue this, maybe, but at a different company. If anyone has any suggestions or perhaps you’ve been in my shoes before, please share any advice that you may have. Any possible referrals would be great as well. Can definitely set time aside for a phone conversation so you can gain a better understanding of my skills, accomplishments and experience, and who I am as a person. Appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.


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