Moving to a Director role xyAB123
Apr 18 7 Comments

How many years does one spend in Engineering Manager (managing a team of 10+) role before you get promoted to a Director role(managing managers)?


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TOP 7 Comments
  • New / IT siliconai
    Took about 3 years for me
    Apr 18 3
    • Amazon / Eng HvySpecter
      Congrats. That’s really fast
      Apr 18
    • New / IT siliconai
      Thank you :)
      Apr 18
    • Uber / Eng NCjw17
      What area were you focused on
      Apr 18
  • Salesforce hfwtubd
    Come to Salesforce, you can have that title with way less reports. Or with no reports at all, it doesn't really matter.
    Apr 18 2
    • xyAB123
      What is the expected TC? I heard wlb is good there.
      Apr 18
    • I’ll come to salesforce even if you don’t give me a director role
      Apr 18


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