Munich vs Frankfurt in Germany (if any Germans are here :-))

Sapient Razorfish / MktgGjSv57
Jan 10

Am looking for experiences and thoughts about those two cities. I have an offer and need to decide with family about where to go


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  • Microsoft / Eng6hworkday
    Munich, safest city in Germany, Frankfurt is a bit on a rough side
    Jan 101
    • Sapient Razorfish / MktgGjSv57
      How is housing prices, family options, people, leisure time diversity?
      Jan 10
  • Cloudflare lVMg47
    Definitely munich. Money is there, most big tech companies. Amazing nature, lakes and mountains, skiing 45 min away. Education is considered highest in Bavaria across Germany. Rents very high though and cost of living is increasing.
    Jan 100
  • Amazon / EngjNeo42
    I was in both cities 2 years ago for travel. Munich seems like a total no-brainer here. Munich is a very interesting historic city, while Frankfurt is a mix of old and new. Frankfurt feels much more workaday (dead at night), while Munich is much more urban. Bavaria has more varied terrain than Rhineland. The mountains to the south, near the Austrian alps. This is the easiest decision I might make today!
    Jan 112
    • Google L6 Intern
      If you consider cost of living, it is not at all an easy decision.
      Jan 13
    • Amazon / EngjNeo42
      Europeans don’t get hung up on the cost of living BS that Americans do. Work to live, not live to work.
      Jan 14
  • Lyft swetool
    Both cities are frankly a bore, though we are talking about Europe so I guess that’s a given
    Jan 151
    • Cloudflare lVMg47
      Munich is def more interesting than SF. Pretty, smart and stylish people and much more diverse. You actually walk into a bar and don’t have to talk about funding rounds. Also imo European dating is much more fun and real. SF has the beaches though so it’s best to have to have a job that allows you to travel between California and Europe.
      Jan 15

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