Need a referral for Qualcomm!!

New / Eng vvpython
May 2 13 Comments

I am a new grad who's still looking for his first Job offer letter, I wanted to seek help from someone who's already working there and can provide me a referral for Software Engineering - Recent graduates Job. Thanks


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  • Google notez
    Qualcomm does not have referral program (it was close to $500). Why bother joining dead ๐ŸŽ? The hype is short term.
    May 2 2
    • New / Eng vvpython
      Who said I'm gonna join them. It's a easy target company so just wanted to get an offer first so I can negotiate with other companies. Thanks
      May 2
    • Qualcomm / Eng sedawk
      Currently there is a referral program which is at 2k for US sites.
      May 3
  • Illumina tech lead
    Can refer you into illumina if youโ€™d like. Right down the road :)
    May 2 4
    • New / Eng vvpython
      Awesome, That would be great. Thank you for your help. Can I dm you?
      May 2
    • Illumina tech lead
      May 2
    • New Python3
      Hey I never heard back from you?
      May 4
    • New / Eng _Python3
      Hey can you help me?
      May 12
  • Qualcomm MzLC26
    LoL.. DM me. I can refer you. Be prepared to get laid off in next 2 years. We hire and fire based on quarter to quarter results and any litigation .
    May 2 0
  • Rally Health FuPayMe$$$
    Itโ€™s a shit company that pays shit tc. Donโ€™t even bother. You will end up being a low paid loser working for Qualcomm.
    May 2 3
    • Qualcomm / Product vasG72
      Got data to back your statement or just another sure loser?
      May 6
    • Rally Health FuPayMe$$$
      I have data points on Qualcomm salaries in their San Jose office. 120k tc is what they offer senior engineers. Thatโ€™s bottom of the barrel right there.
      May 8
    • Qualcomm / Eng llhhh
      Which team? I thought base alone for engineer and Sr engineer was 110 and 125 respectively (+10k compared to San Diego), if not higher.
      May 9