Negotiating Qualtrics TC in Seattle

Capital One pdash
Mar 30 16 Comments

Have a msft 160k/yr TC (120 base, 40 stock, 25 signing) verbal offer, L60. However I really enjoyed my time interviewing at Qualtrics but Glassdoor seems to indicate qualtrics generally pays a lot less. Anyone have experience negotiating qualtrics (Seattle)? 2 YOE


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  • Qualtrics / Ops

    Qualtrics Ops

    Came from non tech to tech.
    The base was fairly inflexible, but the stock was very flexible. That said, that was pre-sap
    Mar 30 0
  • Amazon RLRq11
    MSFT lowballs often. Go with Qualtrics and they will give higher offer.
    Mar 30 2
    • Capital One pdash
      For my level? I have 2 YOE and I negotiated my TC up from 116/year to 160/year with no competing offer
      Mar 30
    • Google goneuser
      Your offer is similar to a MSFT fresh grad offer from 6 years ago. It's good it's not great. Stock rewards are pretty low once you join, so you won't increase your TC much while you grow.
      Mar 30
  • Qualtrics / Eng rOwA64
    You could beat that at Qualtrics.
    Mar 30 0
  • Amazon tsukemen
    I just got Q offer, 2.5 YOE, it will beat your MSFT
    Mar 30 7
    • Microsoft €%ds32&@
      61? What is the breakdown?
      Mar 30
    • Amazon tsukemen
      Mar 30
    • Microsoft €%ds32&@
      What was the base/bonus/stocks?
      Mar 30
    • Amazon tsukemen
      Mar 31
    • Amazon WECd88
      Can you dm me the breakdown? Thanks
      Mar 31
  • Microsoft setledhapi
    I'd guess qualtrics will totally beat this offer. Don't disclose the MSFT numbers. Just negotiate the initial offer a bit more, you'll be a lot more than MSFT.

    But MSFT has excellent benefits and being a bigger company, you have a lot of different teams to do internal transfer.

    Qualtrics' Work life balance is worse than Microsoft and better than Amazon.
    Apr 3 0
  • Microsoft / Eng ThicccBoi
    They can keep up at the higher levels from what I hear/see.
    Mar 30 0
  • Microsoft €%ds32&@
    TC breakdown at MSFT?
    Mar 30 0