Negotiating to keep a job

New RiDl97
Jan 2

When you are notified that you are being laid off, can you negotiate? Have you ever done this or is it advised against?


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  • Google poogers
    What leverage do you have?
    Jan 20
  • Apple AppleCar
    I feel you can, there are a few options

    1. Keep the same role but become a contactor at a lower cost, you can get same take home by taking tax advantage (I have personally done this)

    2. Keep the same job at lower salary

    3. Move to a different role in same or different location

    You really need some good contacts and sales skills
    Jan 21
    • Adobe bbft42
      Don't consult for less than your salary, that's just dumb.
      Jan 3
  • Bose boxbox
    Change to a higher impact team
    Jan 20

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