Nest under Google

Apple fung
Mar 6, 2018 5 Comments

Now that nest is back under Google hardware, how does this change internal transfer?
I really like the team at nest, but would want to move to a different division/country in a few years given my girlfriend is in Europe.


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Google rpAw35
    Ever since Tony left, internal transfer hasn’t been a problem.
    Mar 6, 2018 2
    • Gap / Eng randUser
      Do you mean it's easier or people have stopped requesting internal transfers?
      Mar 6, 2018
    • Google rpAw35
      It’s easier. He was the one that put the kibosh on transfers to G proper.
      Mar 6, 2018
  • Amazon / Eng Yesyou
    Been pinged for a role there. The recruiting material and interview loop all seems like G proper.

    Are they still requiring internal interviews for transferring?
    Mar 30 0