Netflix ppl: is there an eye contact rule?

New wiffed
May 25 8 Comments

I was watching joe Rogan, he mentioned something about people not being able to make eye contact with someone else for more than 5 seconds or it is a micro aggression. Is this true?


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  • Quora GLvH62
    While I was interviewing Netflix, I had eye contact with each interviewer for about 80% of the time, so like 35min each round, and I still get an offer.
    May 25 1
    • Oracle SfsM37
      >35 minutes into netflix and chill and they've made eye contact the whole time
      May 27
  • Microsoft Tier 1
    Um eye contact is a good thing
    May 25 0
  • Amazon DeepObsess
    I do keep eye contact during interviews. In meetings people mostly look at the screen anyway. In general I think if you truly want to communicate something you'll want to maintain eye contact.
    May 25 0
  • New tooQ10
    As a partially blind person who cannot make eye contact by trying - the center if my visual field is not going to be in the center of theirs - I despise society's worship of eye contact. It's enough to make me never want to attempt a job interview.
    May 26 2
    • Facebook cvkV85
      While not partially blind, I do have an eye condition that limits my ability and confidence in making eye contact. Don't lose hope...people/interviewers often understand and.admire people who despite such conditions manage to succeed. I will be rooting for you!
      May 26
    • New tooQ10
      I wish that were true; my experience has been that they just find us creepy. It is partly because of this that I've never attempted to change jobs or have a customer facing job. I don't want people to be expecting eye contact from me when I can't give it to them.
      May 26
  • Clearstream.TV JobSearch
    I pretend to write notes during an interview so i have an excuse to look down.
    May 26 0