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How is Nextdoor (first year TC: 142k + options, estimated 169k total) for a new grad software engineer? To those currently at Nextdoor, can you answer some questions? Yes, I realize I can ask my recruiter for some of these.

- How's the commute to the office? I've only been there once through rideshare, but I've heard getting the office everyday is a pain because of its location and parking. Twitter people can probably answer this as well.

- Glassdoor mentions there has been a lot of turnover. Why is that?

- Glassdoor also mentions that career growth isn't great and that people in leadership positions are rarely under 30. Is this true?

- The offer letter does not mention holidays other than winter break. Glassdoor also mentions we don't get holidays like Veteran's Day off. Are there no holidays other than winter - new years?

- I still don't completely understand how stocks/options/equity works, but how do current employees see Nextdoor's future in terms of growth? Do you think there'll be an IPO within the next 2-3 years?


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  • Nextdoor / Eng 7965690
    The salary is higher that previous years for new grads. Iโ€™m not sure about turnover, other companies may have good offers after doing your time. We get 3 weeks and a good amount of holidays/winter shutdown. The plan is to IPO in the next 2-3 years. If you want career growth in the form of promotions youโ€™ll have to switch companies.
    Nov 12 1
    • New QXHt81
      How are raises and comp growth over time? Do they only come with promotions?
      Nov 12
  • Nextdoor qwjxywk
    Commute: I got used needles shoved in my face while crossing 9th on the way to Bart. Gotta be alert for the ๐Ÿ’ฉ too. Other than that itโ€™s fine.

    Turnover: It's pretty typical. Some people have been here for 4+ years so you see fixtures leave from time to time.

    Career Growth: Yes, the tech leadership is more senior and I prefer this to be honest. That being said there are plenty of things to grow into if you have the drive.

    Holidays: We do accrued time which is like 2 weeks a year. Plus the week shutdown in winter and popular 3 day weekends. It's not super generous.

    Stock: I believe the company will show real value but we still need to work hard to create it. It all boils down to execution both on product and business.

    Wherever you end up going assume that the stock is worthless. Here's a primer:
    Nov 9 2
    • Nextdoor CatDogBird
      Correction: we get 3 weeks, plus the winter shutdown and 8 holidays.
      Nov 10
    • New QXHt81
      How are raises and comp growth over time? Do they only come with promotions?
      Nov 17
  • Publicis Sapient / Eng jmcart9
    How is the salary for a new grad 169k???
    Nov 9 3
    • New QXHt81
      Some of it is options. But yeah lots of high TC positions in the bay
      Nov 9
    • Salesforce peaceguy
      Salesforce pays 202k to new grads
      Nov 9
    • Twitter VQga37
      P standard new grad offer tbh
      Nov 9
  • Tesla cgjax
    How do you include options in your TC if the company is not public?
    Nov 9 1
    • New QXHt81
      (exercise - strike) * units for first yr. its a really rough estimate
      Nov 9
  • Bloomberg GO<GO
    Commute to the Twitter office in SF is super easy. It's literally next to the BART/MUNI Civic Center station with many lines, and close to many bus stations.

    No idea as to the rest but I'd generally recommend avoiding startups unless you have better Bay Area offers
    Nov 9 0
  • Quantcast daeho
    What's the TC breakdown?
    Nov 9 0


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